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Felix Obinna

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, with over seven(7) years of experience working with businesses and teams to build products. I’m very comfortable moving between high-level strategic thinking and detailed interaction problems, connecting the dots between organizational strategy, products, services, and interfaces.

Previously led the design team at Chinook Capital(Youverify.co), built products and processes at Devcenter, and currently leading the Product Design team at Flutterwave.

Proven track record of leading and scaling design teams, defining the product design process, and mentoring designers across the product development lifecycle.

I’m open to opportunities that’ll allow me to lead a passionate team of designers partnering with product owners and engineers in creating world-class products.

When I’m not building/improving products I’m drawing, working out, gaming, working on my car, or taking pictures with my dog.


  • Flutterwave
    Product Design Lead
  • Dopay
    Freelance Designer
  • Devcenter
    Contract Designer
  • Youverify
    Lead Designer