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Almost done...
Web Design
Bufffr - New way to stream
Bufffr is a video streaming website that allows you to discover and explore contents that Youtube won't show you normally.

Project Challenge


Bufffr is an experimental project. The goal was to see if we could build something like Spotify year in review. But it happens that there’s a limitation to what can be done with the Youtube API. And one of them is being able to read and access user data. So, we decided to play around with the data we could access..

When life gives you lemons… (API in this case)



I worked with a front-end engineer to make the project happen. We explored multi ways to make the most of what was available to us. And that included sampling multiple designs for different API data that we could access. Being that’s an experimental project, we were not bound by any specifics or requirements which ended up being in our favor.

Simplifying data
The new Flutterwave dashboard overview